Drupal Issue Status Dashboard


Generate a table of issues from drupal.org that you've got your eye on.

This uses the slow but steady drupal.org API.


Input your request as query parameters to the URL of this site.

Query Parameter Role Example
issues Retrieve core or contrib issues by number ?issues=3287213+3297177
projects Retrieve open issues for projects ?projects=linkit+layout_builder_restrictions

Sample Output

ModuleIssueStatusLast Activity
pathologicAutomated Drupal 10 compatibility fixesNeeds ReviewDecember 2, 2022
entity_cloneAutomated Drupal 10 compatibility fixesActiveOctober 17, 2022
featuresAutomated Drupal 10 compatibility fixesActiveAugust 26, 2022


List of Drupal 10 compatibility issues for select contrib modules